Yay college !

So I definitely took a nice long break from posting recipes…I had to move back into university (!) and as a result, I have been trying simply to readjust to college-life (and my college kitchen…).  Blog went on hold.

Lucky for you, however, I have returned !  Given that classes have yet again restarted (and the work is pouring in), I have set a little goal for myself : to update once a week.  I know it isn’t very often, but given that this is more a personal project (and I don’t think THAT many people are impatiently awaiting my little blurbs on food), I think this ought to suffice.

From this point on, I will be posting recipes that have (most likely – I have a few stockpiled from my time at home) been concocted completely by hand.  You’ll be able to tell because the arms in the photos will be red and tired from all the whisking (oof).  This also means that my facility is less beautiful and my utensils are definitely lacking…but since when has that stopped me ?  🙂

So…here’s to some future blog posts (this weekend) inaugurating COLLEGE LYFE and all that comes with it.  I think I’ll write about muffins…

Until then, bon appétit !



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One thought on “Yay college !

  1. Me, me, me !
    I am awaiting. But I also have to attend College, and do my homework, so I guess I can understand you.
    Anyway, please continue that project.

    Because for readers, at least, for me, reading your posts is kinda like being in the kitchen with you (:

    Also, I just realize that if you feel you are missing pictures because the recipes you post were realized at home, or long time ago, and you did not take pictures of them.. Well, I could try to draw. Like drawing ingredients, or a little something related, something that this food makes you think of, and something that it reminds me..
    Like for example, when you dealed with the strawberries, last time ?
    Well, it was just an idea – for you to keep posting (all the more so than you will have to give me extra work) and for me to keep being creative.

    Happy Monday (:

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