Well ! What a pleasant surprise !

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I’d been nominated for the “Versatile blog award” – I’ve only been posting (consistently) for a few months now, so I figured something like this would probably never occur…but look – here we are !  Thank you so much, at350degrees.wordpress.com !  I am quite flattered.

However…there are a few hitches with this fantastic award…I don’t have 15 people to nominate !  I’m not entirely certain how to proceed…so for the moment…I’m going to put my nominating powers on hold.  I reserve the right to redistribute this award at a future date 🙂  (I can do that, right ?  Well, tough luck if not.  That’s just how the cookie is going to crumble…so to speak.)

About those 7 things…

-I can wiggle my ears…and whistle…and purr !  But probably not at the same time…
-My feet aren’t petite but I like them that way.
-A white piece of printer paper and a papermate blue pen are my two most important kitchen accessories – it’s how I note all of my recipes in my cookbook.
-I “do voices”…as in, imitations.  Famous people, made-up characters, friends…teachers…enemies…anything !
-Often, as I am without many helpful electric appliances, I whip and whisk everything by hand.
-Tea is my best friend.  Without it, I’m very grumpy.  cc themousewhoflipshereggs.wordpress.com
-I am fluent in French (well…mostly…) though have zero French blood in my body…vive la France !

Well !  I think that’s enough about my habits and personality – thanks again at350degrees !

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One thought on “Well ! What a pleasant surprise !

  1. Congrats!! Just a newbie yet an overnight success….I’ll see you in the AM on my doorstep. Salut.

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